Our Services for Students

High Edu Educational Consultants are experts who support young people in choosing their field and study program abroad, guiding them through the admission process, helping them get funding, and keep in touch closely until completing their studies.

Knowing in-depth the educational systems abroad, High Edu provides students with information on how different programs run as Bachelor, Master, short courses, PhD, distance learning at partner universities, about academic requirements and teaching methods used, but also about student life, living costs, and employment opportunities throughout their studies.

Since the foundation of the organization, 99% of High Edu clients have been admitted to the study programs they have opted for!

Educational Counselling

Our professional counsellors will help you guide your career, design your future careers, and determine the steps you need to follow.

The Vocational Test – HighTest

HighTest – was developed by specialists with experience in recruitment, selection and online evaluations. The reports generated helps you discover your interests, skills and competencies. By identifying these things about you, you can see what professional fields are appropriate to your abilities and you can set goals for your future professional career.

Individual Coaching

In a 1.5 hours individual session, a specialized trainer works with you to help you achieve professional success: how to prepare yourself for interviews, selection and evaluation, time management, performance improvement, self-confidence, communication, solving conflicts, etc.

Make Your Application Unbeatable

High Edu Professionals support candidates for choice of study area, depending on:

  • Goals and interests
  • Abilităƫi
  • Competenƫe
  • Aspiration for the future.

We support young people who want to pursue a successful career in choosing

  • Study Program
  • Destination
  • Educational Institution

through personalized educational consultancy services for:

  • Achievement of admission requirements for a study program abroad
  • Portfolio building
  • Obtaining language certificates required by the Educational Institutions
  • Coaching for Successful Interviewing
  • Training sessions for the development of personal skills
  • Exchange programs outside the country
  • Drawing up the personal statement, essays and finalizing the application dossier and being in permanent contact with the educational institutions until the answers are submited
  • Assistance for relocation and integration in the destination country
  • Assistance to gain work experience during summer vacations (work & travel programs)

Each applicant benefits from the guidance of a specialized consultant, the educational counselling offered is aimed not only at completing the applicant’s file but also preparing for the successful integration of the applicant in an academic environment different from the one he was part of.

The stages the applicant will go through are

  • Career Guidance through Vocational Testing and Counseling.
  • Generate a list of universities with real chances to be admitted.
  • Advice and support for drawing up the application file.
  • Counselling in the Application Procedure.
  • Identifying Scholarships, Loans or Student Financing Solutions.
  • Preparation of the Financial dossier.
  • Advice on accommodation and accommodation procedures.
  • Advice for obtaining study visas

Academic preparation during high school increases the chance of admission.

The chosen specialization feature may be summer academic courses and programs or international internship programs starting from 17+ years old:

Summer courses

Foreign languages: English, German

Foreign languages combined with sport, art, photography, computer science

Academic, taster and pre-university training camps (Oxbridge, STEM, Medicine, Architecture, Portfolio Preparation, Hospitality & Hotel Management, etc.)

Language courses

English Pre-Session, English for Specific Fields (Medical, Law, Teaching)

Undergraduate Courses

Foundation courses

Bachelor Degree

Postgraduate courses






Professional courses

Executive Training

Work and Travel

Work & travel programs are paid, with the aim of gaining international work experience and benefits from integration into a multicultural environment.

This type of program is recommended for those who wish to:

  • complete their studies with practical experience
  • acquire real customer and product experience, work procedures and processes, and also determine the concrete impact of their work on clients, colleagues and the company
  • access an international cultural and educational exchange program

        and experience the lifestyle from abroad

  • improve their language knowledge
  • to know new people and cultures, to gain the experience of interpersonal interaction in a diverse professional setting
  • to experience independence
  • to enrich their life experience

High Edu supports you with:

  • choosing the right program
  • counselling for application to the chosen program
  • support for relocation, induction and throughout the program until returning home

International Projects

We develop and support international projects

  • Competitions for obtaining scholarships abroad
  • Exchanges of experience in Europe, USA, Canada, China
  • Organizing the Presentation Sessions of the Educational Institutions in High Schools, Universities by periodically inviting their representatives to Romania
  • Enrolment in Model United Nations (MUN) projects in English and German
  • International contests on different specialities and subjects

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