The League of Crafty Educators

What are 21st century skills, who’s pushing them forwards, and what does 21st century teaching look like in practice? 

The League of Crafty Educators is a chain of professionals whose main aims are to: 

  • expand their network in this field 
  • share knowledge 
  • be connected to all new trends in education 
  • find the right educational solutions tailored for their students’ needs 

We like to keep you up to date on the latest news and market intelligence!

In partnership with English for Life we build mutually beneficial relationships for teachers working in Romanian schools and we support teacher development by working in partnership with international educational organizations and other partners.

Drawing from our resource of highly-experienced teachers and teacher trainers, we run seminars and workshops offering practical and up-to-date input on a wide range of teaching skills and methodology, as well as events dealing with more culturally-based topics.